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I make fun and unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry using scraps of leather, wood, shells, paper, beads, twine, ribbon, and other findings. I allow the materials along with creative intuition to dictate the shape and design of each piece.
My creative process really desires each piece to be unique and I tend not to duplicate an item but I can attempt to replicate if you see something that you want is no longer available. I do take custom requests and I do my best to accommodate.

I started making jewelry about 15 years ago, mainly as a creative outlet, and I mostly made pieces for myself and as gifts for friends and family. I am self-taught and my love of experimenting with materials and mixing textures has evolved into what I do today. I recently began selling my earrings because I have had so many requests to do so. 

A little bit about me- I am 41, married and have an adult son and 2 dogs. I am currently recovering from a restrictive eating disorder and was out of work for a few years while I focused on my health. I am a trained shiatsu therapist and have recently started seeing clients again. 

Prior to doing shiatsu I worked in interior design for 14 years, I have a history of art and design and have always been creative and even made most of my own clothes as a teenager. I started sewing at around age 7, taught by my grandmother, and one of my first jobs was at an alterations shop. I went to college for Interior Design in my 20's and spent 14 years working in the industry, 

I love making jewelry because it allows me to express my creativity in a unique and wearable way. I adore little pops of color, mixing the soft texture of leather and suede with glittery and faceted beads, and incorporating fun patterns and mixing bold colors together. 

My jewelry is unique and for people who want a little bit of fun flair in their wardrobe and statement pieces of wearable art.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Follow me on instagram @made_by_linnae for previews and special deals and giveaways. 

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