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This listing is for one necklace/ pendant on a waxed cotton cord. I have 3 available in this design- one with raw aventurine (green) and 2 with the triangle snowflake obsidian.

Stag head skulls are representative of the balance between life and death and the transition from the physical form to the spiritual.

Green aventurine is great for the heart and helps activate the heart chakra. Its used for general well- being and emotional health.

Snowflake obsidian is a very balancing stone for mind, body, and spirit. Its also great for protection.

They are handmade and light-weight which makes them easy to wear. They come with a stopper on the back to ensure they donโ€™t fall out during wear.

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Please note that each piece is handmade by me and most leather is cut by hand. Variations in color and surface imperfections may be present as these are made from recycled leather and other materials, this just adds to the patina and uniqueness of each piece.

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